Monday, February 27, 2012

Spell It Out

Dear Sabrina Banana,

I must confess that we have been snickering a bit (albeit lovingly) at the way you pronounce your "L"s and "SH"s. We would repeatedly ask you to say words that we know you're struggling with just because you sound so cute saying them. Last night, I asked you to tell your Gramma about your memory verse from Sunday school which goes like this "Trust the Lord with all your heart"

Liv: Andrea can you tell Gramma about your memory verse today?
Andrea: Trust the Wohd with all your heart!
Gramma: The Wohd?
Andrea: No the WOHD.
Grama: Wohd?
Andrea: WOHRD!
Gramma: Wohd?
Andrea: L-O-R-D!

OMG. We were so surprised. We didn't know you could spell! This is so interesting because this is not a word you come across often even in your Bible. You don't study this word in school. So I know you spelled it out phonetically instead of by your memory. I must say, you shut me and gramma up pretty good last night. =)

Love ya,


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