Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Joys

Luke 1:38
"A grateful heart is a joyful heart" 

Dear Sabrina Banana,

Christmas came and it was, as expected, a great time for you and all the kids in the family. One struggle we have as your parents is how to make sure you still appreciate the gifts even when it comes in bulk as they normally do in Christmas time.

This year, most of what you asked for are books and you loved all of them. You poured over each one and lovingly went through the pages, perusing each photo and mulling over new words. It was a beautiful sight.

One of your godmothers gave you a present wrapped in an opaque plastic bag. When you opened the gift, you saw the plastic bag. You smiled and said "Oh wow! A plastic bag!" and you smiled as if it was the best gift ever. I was so happy that you had a grateful heart. I was so happy that you take delight in receiving any sort of present. Imagine your surprise then when you found out that you were not only getting the plastic bag (lol) but also the shirt that was inside the plastic bags.

I asked you what was your favorite part of Christmas, you said "Giving presents to my cousins". My heart melted.