Thursday, February 9, 2012


Dear Sabrina Banana,

You had to make a bookmark in school. When you went home, you wanted to know what a bookmark was. I got confused for a while. What do you mean, what a bookmark is? Then it dawned on me. You honestly had no idea what it's for.

You see, sometimes, I forget that you haven't been around this world that long and that you cannot imagine what a bookmark is for. I explained it to you and your eyes lit up. I can see that you realized that "wow" a bookmark is a great invention.

You hurriedly got a book and you went through a soliloquy of sorts:

Andrea: Hmmm, I think I will read a book. Look I'm reading a book. Oh, now I'm feeling sleepy. Let me get my bookmark and put it here. (closed your eyes for a few minutes and  then) Oh, I want to read again, where's my bookmark?

What a spectacle just for one, small, homemade bookmark! It's quite funny.

Love ya,


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