Thursday, July 26, 2012


Dear Sabrina Banana,

I was lucky enough to have access to the most famous IQ tests there are and so I took advantage and you were assessed. Daddy and I marveled at the results. The thing is, you were tested by students and daddy wanted to know if we should have it done officially. I said no. What's the point? I merely wanted to know if your fine-motor delay was hindering you in other ways but other than that, knowing the actual/official IQ doesn't really do anything for me. Are we going to love you more or less? Nope! Are we going to treat you differently? Nope!

I also wanted to avoid bragging or ego. We have nothing to do with your intelligence (or lack there of) it's all from God. And whether your IQ is 70 or 160,  it's our job as parents to nurture that regardless. So what's the point of making the results official? Nothing. =)

Love ya,


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