Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Teacher Mommy

Dear Sabrina Banana,

We have been homeschooling for around 2 months now and it has been a breeze so far. I am loving every single moment of it and you seem to be adjusting well. I thought everything was going well until you started reacting to my corrections a little negatively. I don't normally shout at you, in fact, I very rarely do. Yet somehow you feel somewhat affected. One time, I asked you to write all the letters from A-Z. I looked at your work and said "Great, you're done. Now let's look at the letters. Tell me which letter you think you can improve". You started to cry and say "You don't like my work".

I said we should take a break. I asked for a break not because you needed it but because I did. I wasn't expecting that reaction. I realized that despite everything going well you are still adjusting to our new roles. From mother-daughter to teacher-student. I realized that I unknowingly coddled you with too many compliments and now it's harder for you to receive feedback from me.

We're working on this. We're slowly processing things and doing things better (I think). The beauty about this is that I know, that you know, just how loved you are and with that as our foundation, I know this glitch won't affect you much.

I realize now that we'll go through more of these issues through our homeschooling journey but I know it will be worth it so I say...bring it on.

Love ya,


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