Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Best Things in Life are Free

Dear Sabrina Banana,

4 weeks ago, I whined and whined to Daddy that I feel so bad because we don't have any decent library for you to enjoy here in the Philippines. Daddy said I should make the best out of what God has given us here in the Philippines. So I sighed...made one call and found this darling library near us for free!!

This was like a dream come true for you. You were so excited that you were literally pulling on my hand trying to get me out of the door. When we opened the door to the children's area...you looked on a bit shyly. You stepped on the rug uncertainly. It was as if you weren't sure that all this goodness is real.

We stayed there for 2 hours that first time...we have returned 4 times since. I am so happy that such little things can give you such a huge amount of happiness!

Love ya,


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