Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Conversations with Sabrina-- God and French Fries

Today's lesson: God made me and I will live for him. After a long conversation...

Liv: Who in the bible lived for God? 
Andrea: Not Eve, not Cain. Abel did!
Liv: How come?
Andrea: Because he gave his best when he offered to God.
Liv: Who else.
Andrea:Noah cause he was different. He was nice when everyone around him was mean. 
Liv: Right, so when you're in Mc Donald's playing at the play place and everyone's being mean what should you do?
Andrea: I'll tell them to stop being hurtful.
Liv: Exactly. You don't do things just because everyone else around you is doing it.
Andrea: I have a question
Liv: What?
Andrea: When I'm in Mc. Donald's in the play place where will you be?
Liv: What do you mean?
Andrea: Will you be there buying french fries for me?

From God to always ends up this way.

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