Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sharing as a Way of Life

Dear Sabrina Banana,

The psychologist in me knows that it's normal at this age for kids to start becoming a bit selfish. I am grateful that you are not as selfish as you should be developmentally, you are actually quite generous at this point in your life. You understand the concept of sharing, but truth be told, it's more often understood as others sharing their toys with you rather than you sharing your toys with others.

Dad and I are constantly trying to find ways to make you understand the value of sharing. Last December we got the chance to join Tita Joy's annual Christmas charity where her family buys toys and gifts for children. All 3 of us tried to help put goodies inside the bags (we were able to stuff 1000 bags!) but unfortunately we had to leave before all the bags were packed.

True, you got tired halfway through our shift but at least you were able to experience doing something for others. I know it was tough not opening the toys you saw around you....but you didn't and we couldn't be more proud.

Last week, we went a step further and we went through all your toys and you made a pile of things you were willing to part with to share with other kids.We are now going to find kids to share these toys with.

You know what honey, even I struggle with this sometimes. I think it's such a blessing to have you in our lives because it reminds daddy and myself that we need to be good examples to you.

Love ya,


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