Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Preparing for a Photo Shoot

Dear Sabrina Banana,

Today you wore make-up for the first time. You were both terrified and excited. Terrified because you thought I was going to paint your face and turn you pink all over. Excited because you're doing something you've seen me do once in a while.

To be honest, I wasn't very comfortable exposing you to make-up so early. I was sure to tell you that you're wearing make-up not because you don't look good without it, but because you need it for your photo-shoot.  You seemed to understand what I was saying...or at least you nodded vigorously when I said it.

You squealed in delight when I put "sparkly stuff" on your eyes. After all, what silver fish is complete without sparkly eyes right? You also squealed in terror as the mascara wand approached your lashes.

You asked me after I finished putting on your make-up if you looked pretty. I said "You looked pretty without make-up, now you look ready for a photo shoot." That seemed to make you happy.

It was surreal when you got home and I was wiping the make-up off with baby oil. You  asked me why I had to remove it and I explained to you the importance of making sure we take off make-up at the end of the day. "Was I really having this conversation with my 4-year old?".

I hope you know that the only reason I let you wear make-up is because the teacher specifically said that the kids should have make-up on for the photo shoot. We established today that you can only wear make-up when you have a show on stage. You seemed satisfied with that.

Love ya,


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