Thursday, January 19, 2012

Handling Disappointments

Dear Sabrina Banana,

My heart bled when I had to tell you that you will not be joining your friends on your second field trip. Your entire class is supposed to go to Tagaytay but I couldn't go with you. Daddy was supposed to go but something came up at work which made it impossible for him to take you.

You have been to the zoo in Tagaytay so I know you won't be missing out on the learning, you will however be missing out on the fun. That's what I'm most sad about. I know you would have loved to play with your friends but unfortunately we really couldn't find a way to take you to your trip.

I felt so proud of the way you handled the news. You said you felt sad, you asked me why you couldn't go and I explained it to you. That's it! No rants, no whining, no tantrums. I heard you tell your dolls that they couldn't go somewhere because their mommy needs to do something. That tells me that you have understood what I was explaining to you.

I wish you know that when we have to say no to you, we feel worse than you do. Trust me! All we parents, want to do is to make our child's life as easy and as fun as possible. That's not what we should be doing though, we should be teaching you how to deal with the things that life will throw at you. The disappointments, the frustrations, the anger, the sadness.  I should not be shielding you, I should be guiding you as you deal with the negative emotions life throws at you.

I pray that I am able to do this.

Love ya,


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