Thursday, January 12, 2012

Princesses and Knights

Dear Sabrina Banana,

You don't want to be a princess. You cried when your nanny said you should be a princess. You said princesses don't do anything except stay in castles. You said you want to be a knight, because they keep the princesses safe.

I respect that. Heck...I applaud that!

I guess not exposing you to Disney princesses has its perks. There's a study that shows that children who were not exposed to disney fairy tales have happier and more satisfying relationships than those who were. I can see why. Imagine being lead to believe that love happens at first sight and from that point on you don't have to do will be swept off your feet and your life will be perfect. BALONEY!

This is why I like the story of Beauty and the Beast. Belle is smart, she cared deeply for her father, she bravely looked for her father, she took her father's place in the dungeon, she didn't fall in love based on appearance. She had more depth and substance than the other princesses.  The other princesses aren't as interesting for me.

You on the other hand, don't care at all for any of them. Funny how you care more about Dopey than Snow White for example. =)

Love ya,



  1. I hope I can also raise my daughter this way. So when did you start letting her watch Disney cartoons?

    1. Hi,

      I actually didn't intentionally introduce them to her. What happened is that my MIL bought her a Cinderella book when she was 2. So that was her first exposure. The good thing is that at that time she didn't know how to read so I was sort of able to manipulate the story (the prince wants to be friends with her so that they can play and go to school together, teehee!)

      Tapos snow white naman was introduced last year because my MIL gave a DVD of it. I censored it (allowed her to watch it around two times, and balanced it out by talking about the evil queen's vanity instead of the concept of Snow White falling in love)

      There are some really strong princesses though. You can maybe try introducing Tiana from the Princess and the Frog and/or Belle instead. =)