Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We Can Do This

Dear Sabrina Banana,

A few weeks ago, you asked me why it's hard for you to draw and color like the other kids could. I felt my heart break into so many small pieces right there and then. I haven't told you about your fine-motor delay. When I see you struggling with things other kids do so effortlessly, I feel my heart tightening. A part of me says "This is so unfair, why do we have to go through four times the work to achieve the same results as other people?".

I realized that it's such an arrogant and self-centered way of thinking. Why not? God gave everything to us, why can't he give us this small bump that can probably mold our character in the future? Why not give it to you? God allowed me to have the education and the training to handle kids psychologically....who better to have a kid who needs help?

I looked at you as you asked this and I said "What does it mean honey when something is hard to do?". You look at me dejectedly and say "It means we haven't practiced enough".  And you know what, as it says in the bible "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".



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