Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Conversations with Sabrina: Of Giants, Evil Robots and Secret Code Names

While reading the book "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" Sabrina and I came across a giant named Rumblebuffin. We both found this name adorable so I started saying that since her dad is so tall we can call him Mr. Rumblebuffin, I will be Mrs. Rumblebuffin and Sabrina will be Rumblebuffin Jr. We called these our "top secret" code names. I did this just for fun but Sabrina wouldn't have any of it unless there's a reason. So I told her:

Liv: What if, there's an evil robot who looks just like me and you need to find out who your real mom is. So you have to ask us "What's your secret name?" and the one who can give you the correct answer is your real mom.
Sabrina: Please (in a very bored way as if I'm talking nonsense) why don't I just throw water on both of you and the one who gets broken is the evil robot.
Liv: Yeah, that's a better plan.

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