Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lessons Everywhere

I banned Spongebob Square Pants (the TV Show) from our home. This devastated Sabrina. She really enjoyed watching a few episodes of the show (she was given a dvd as a present) and couldn't understand why she couldn't watch it anymore. 

I told her that everything we watch, listen to, read changes us whether we like it or not and that we need to be careful and mindful. It took a few times but eventually she understood the idea.  

Yesterday I gave her this book: 

It was supposed to be for our homeschooling but she was so excite that I let her read the two-page introduction. 

Sabrina: Wow. Did you choose this because I will learn things from this book?

Liv: Yup
Sabrina: Like what?
Liv: Well first you'll learn new words.
Sabrina: I know what this book is teaching me. It's teaching me that people who are different from us can also do great things.
Liv: Oh wow honey. Yes that is probably something we can learn from this book.
Sabrina: And that ____(name of her friend) is still special even if I'm taller than her/him.

I was floored!! Reflection and application? That's high level learning! Love it!

I wrote more about this book over at my other blog. 

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