Friday, June 24, 2011

Typhoon Falcon

Dear Sabrina Banana,

You got to stay home today because there's a typhoon in town. The typhoon is called Falcon. To tell you honestly, I'm really scared. I'm afraid it will be just like the typhoon we experienced way back in Sept 26, 2009. That was a huge mountain our family had to go through. It was during that time I realized just how amazing your dad is.

After that typhoon, our home was pretty much a wreck. In order to keep you safe, I decided to send you to your gramma's house. You and your nanny stayed there while dad and I cleaned up the house. It was incredibly painful. Imagine seeing everything you own covered in dirt, most of them destroyed. I remember sitting on the mud covered floor feeling absolutely numb, I just kept scrubbing and scrubbing. Your dad was scrubbing right beside me. I learned so many lessons during that time:

1. I was illogically in love with you. I have only known you for 2 years at that time, but during the flood my only thought was how to keep you alive if ever I die. It didn't even matter if I died, I just wanted to make sure you remained safe.
2. Your dad is amazing. Your dad walked for miles, waist-deep in floodwater, just to find milk or water or food for us. He also made sure your wowo and ninong are safe. He was a rock. He was amazing. I hope, when you grow up you will find a man like him.
3. The only thing that matters in life is your family. We stayed in an evacuation center for one night. It didn't matter who was educated, who was rich, who had great fashion sense. At that point everyone was equal. The only thing that made it bearable was being with people you love...your family.
4. Don't get attached to material things. My shoes, clothes, bags, even some jewelry disappeared. 80% of my books did to. I was devastated for a while. Then I realized how little need I had for them.

All of these things come back to mind as we wait with bated breath for Typhoon Falcon to pass. I hope that we won't have to go through the drama of the flood again. But you know what? If ever we did, I'm sure we can get over it again.

Love you,

You asked daddy to help you pray to Jesus tonight. You prayed that we're not going to get flooded. I love it when you tell your dad "Daddy can you show me how to pray?" ;p

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