Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh How You Are Loved

Dear Sabrina Banana,

I don't know if you know this but you are loved by so many people your dad and I are awed. We have, at multiple points in our lives, paused, looked at each other and exclaimed "What a lucky girl we have". You have no idea how many people are hopelessly in love with you--just because. They don't love you because you're pretty or because you're smart or because you're obedient. They just love you - period.

My grandmother, Nani, loves you enough to prepare a snack for you every single school day.That way you have something to eat after your school. She calls the grocery daily, trying to catch the fresh batch of chicken skin to make chicharon which you love.

Your dad's grandmother, Lola Mommy, made clothes just for you. They're incredibly cute too. She also chuckles in delight every time she calls and you're the one who picks up the phone.

Your Lola Rosa has only met you once but has already given you a small party for your birthday.

My mom and aunt, your gramma and abapi. Call me incessantly when there's rain to check if you're safe, and check on you every hour or so when you have the slightest of colds.

You know what, yesterday in class my professor talked to me about your Wowa. She was surprised to find out that your Wowa is her dear friend. She then told me that your Wowa's crazy about you and that she talks about you all the time. Isn't that so sweet?

This is just a handful of the people whose lives you touched and who have loved you so much since you were born. And I'm humbled by how loved you are. Just because, I hope you grow up knowing and feeling this love.

Love you,


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  1. Hi Sis! I got your link from our n@w egroup :) This is such a heartwarming letter :)It has inspired me to write letters to my son too :) God bless!