Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lessons While Cooking

Dear Sabrina, 

This morning you wanted to help daddy prepare our lunch. You've been doing that since you were little...helping us cook. You really love being surrounded by family and just being helpful in general. Daddy assigned you this very important task, you were to remove the tails from the bean sprouts.

Your heart was willing, oh but your gut is weak. Hahaha. You don't like holding slimy, wet, cold things. You're easily disgusted by those. Yet you tried, you persevered...and eventually you asked for help. Then when you saw me working beside you you said "Okay mommy, now it's your turn". I asked if you will help me, like I helped you and you said "But I'm finished doing it already". It was funny. I laughed, but I didn't let you go. Sorry but I had to teach you about finishing what you started, no matter how unpleasant. That's just too important for you to learn. 

Love you, 


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