Friday, June 22, 2012

Super Swamp Heroes

Dear Sabrina Banana,

I am writing this for documentation sake, because I feel we have broken down a barrier, one i've been trying to break down for the past couple of month. You see honey, you've always been so concerned with right and wrong, so much so that you're not so keen on imagining things. This bothered me because I strongly believe in the importance of creativity and the imagination and your penchant for being exact and right is hindering you from exploring your creative side.

I don't know if it's homeschooling or if it's from your gymnastics lessons but somehow this week you started feeling more empowered to imagine! It started when you drew red and yellow clouds the other day. I was thrilled! I told you that I wished we could really see yellow clouds outside...we dreamt about what it would taste like if we licked them.

 Then today you came to me with your own story -- with a title! You called it the Super Swamp Heroes and here's how it goes. (This is written in the way you relayed it to me)

- There were 4 super heroes who live in a swamp.
- Then a robber came and put all their costumes in a sack and took them away.
- The next day the super heroes went to the house of the robber to get their costumes back because they can't help people without their disguise.
- The robber was not home because he went to the supermarket to buy breakfast.
- He bought cereal and 3 kinds of milk, the white kind, chocolate and strawberry.
- He also likes pancakes with regular syrup, maple syrup and strawberry syrup! I had a blast listening to this story.

I told you we could turn this into a book so your daddy can read it when he gets home from Davao. Please keep on dreaming and imagining.
There's such a beautiful world inside our minds and I hope you don't go back to being afraid of exploring it.  --Liv
Love ya,


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