Friday, November 4, 2011

Tomorrow is Coming

Dear Sabrina Banana,

We've always had our bedtime routine. You can be sure that when it's 9pm, it's time to sleep. This routine was challenged when I went back to grad school as I would normally be home past 9 and you would try to wait up for me. Now, when I would tell you that it's time to sleep you would always ask why. And I would always respond by simply telling you that it's 9pm.

In the past, saying it's 9pm was enough. Now, you would still follow BUT you would start showing me your ever dramatic sad face. I would then say something like:

Liv: Do you know what the day is going to be tomorrow?
Andrea: Friday?
Liv: And what are we going to do tomorrow?
Andrea: (you will name the activity we have planned)
Liv: How can we do those fun things if you don't sleep now?/How can it be tomorrow if you don't sleep?

This technique has worked for months. Normally, you'd be all excited about going to sleep so that you can do the fun things we have for the next day. Yesterday, you decided to call my bluff and you said:

Andrea: I will just let Jane (your nanny) sleep tonight. I will stay awake.

I had to laugh. That was creative, I'll give you that. But no can do still have to sleep.

Love you,


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