Friday, November 4, 2011

Booby Trap

Dear Sabrina Banana,

Last Monday, out of nowhere, you asked your dad. what Booby Traps are. He explained a bit but admittedly, it is a bit hard to explain what those are!

I decided to ask you to embrace me as I was laying on the bed. Then I wrapped my arms and legs around you and said:

Liv: This is a booby trap! You're stuck here forever!
Andrea: NOOOOO. Why?
Liv: So I can embrace you and tickle you forever and ever and ever.
Andrea: (Giggling) No, let me go. I want to be free.
Liv: I'm sorry, you'll never be free.
Andrea: I can get free
Liv: Nope, you'll be here till you're 83 years old.
Andrea: That's forever!

And, you wiggled, and you squirmed, and you got free. That is how you learned about booby traps, and our new nightly trap and tickle tradition was born.

Love you,


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