Sunday, August 21, 2011

You're Making Us so Happy

Dear Sabrina,

I picked you up from Sunday School this morning and the teacher told me that you were given a special prize for being the most behaved and most attentive in class. I felt really proud of you. Daddy and I both agree that while we value your intelligence, it's really the character and attitude that's most important. I'm glad you're not falling behind in this criteria.

Last Wednesday I took you to a faraway place where you were assessed by several developmental pediatricians. The thing that stuck to me was when two of them talked to me about what a joy it was to test you because of your attitude. =) What a wonderful thing to say! I couldn't be more proud.

It was already 4pm when we got home, 4 hours after your last meal. I knew you were hungry and thankfully I had a cheese roll for you. Here's our conversation:

Mom: Honey are you hungry?
Sabrina: Yes mommy
Mom: I have a cheese roll for you.
Sabrina:Only one? But what about you? Are you hungry too?
Mom: Yes we only have one, it's okay. That cheese roll is really for you.
Sabrina: But what if I eat it all? What will you eat?

I wanted to squeeze you! I can't believe that a 4-year-old can be that selfless. It was the sweetest thing and I really thank God that somehow you are learning this. Because God knows how even I fall short when it comes to these things.



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