Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Can do Anything...Except That!

Dear Sabrina Banana,

Around two weeks ago, my daughter and I had this hilarious yet disturbing exchange:

Andrea: Mom what's Daddy's job?
Liv: He's a manager?
Andrea: What does that mean? 
Liv: He goes to the office helps people and tells people what to do.
Andrea: No he doesn't! That's not his job his job is to take care of me cause he's my daddy. 
Liv: He does that too....
Andrea: Do I know other money...manye...what's that word again?
Liv: Manager?
Andrea: Yes managers
Liv: Hmmm, I don't know. I guess me! I was a manager before I stopped working but now I'm a student again. When I'm done studying I will be a psychologist. 
Andrea: A what? A psyholojuice?
Liv: NOOOO. I'm not a drink. A psychologist listens to people's problems and helps them solve their problems.
Andrea: What about me? What's my job?
Liv: Nothing yet, you're still a kid. But when you grow up you can be anything you want to be. 
Andrea: I think I want to be a doctor. 
Liv: That's nice. Why do you want to be a doctor?
Andrea: I have a toy stethoscope at home. Can I use that?
Liv: Sure.
Andrea: I want to be a boy too.
Liv: WHAT? Why the hell would you want to be a boy?
Andrea: Because when they weewee while sitting on the potty their penis will get wet..

That was how the conversation ended. Such a strange conversation. Then this morning.

Andrea: I don't want to be a doctor anymore. 
Liv: Okay.
Andrea: Mom is a superhero a job? Can that be my job when I grow up? But I need to go to flying school

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