Monday, May 27, 2013

Of Love and Cheese Breads

Dear Sabrina Banana,

You have grown so much in such a little time that your dad and I would just look in wonder as we listen to the things you say. 

You get especially animated when you come from Sunday school. Last Sunday, after Sunday school you started talking about a little friend of yours who wasn't happy with something he received. 

"He should be glad for what he's got.", you said with so much conviction and certainty. You then went on to say that he needs to have a thankful heart in order for him to have a happy heart. 

Dad and I giggled as we listened to you. We know you were reciting lyrics of a song. That made it funny. But behind the humor, I was beaming with pride because you were understanding the message of the song. Not only that, you were able to diagnose the root or the heart issue of your friend. 

You asked us why we were laughing and I said we were just happy and enjoying listening to you talk as we were surprised  you knew so many things. What you said then surprised us...

"I know a lot because I grew up with my mom and dad loving Jesus like I love cheese bread"

Wow.  Like you love cheese bread? That's a whole lotta love!

Love ya, 


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